Patient Testimonials

"Within one hour after visiting Mr. Noel Moore, I noticed a marked improvement in my hearing! He was able to adjust my hearing aids so that I could not only hear much better, he was able to reduce the loud and annoying tinnitus that has plagued me! I would estimate that the tinnitus was reduced by at least eighty-five percent! Just wonderful! "  T. La Pare
"Chloë always greets clients with a smile which matches her personality. She followed through with every thing she said she would. She is a true asset to The Hearing Spa! Dr. Victoria Moore gave me the best experience that I have ever had! She was patient with me, explained every test and gave me all the time I needed with her. Thank you, Dr. Moore, you have definitely spread new light on my situation." Carol M. 
"Dr. Moore made a huge difference in my life. There is no other audiologist around who would be so caring and thoughtful. What seemed to be just another audiologist evaluation turned out to be a life-changing experience. Thanks to Dr. Moore, my life is back in motion. I am a cochlear implant recipient and now I dare to dream. I am grateful to Dr. Moore for getting me to where I am now." T. D.
"I am a 35+ year wearer of hearing aids, and have had about every brand. I live 6+ months of the year in Sarasota and the rest of the time in Indiana. About 2 years ago I had some difficulty with my Phonak hearing aids and found The Hearing Spa through the Phonak website. Dr. Victoria Moore helped me by replacing a few components and kept my hearing aids running well.Over the last year, I noticed my hearing decreasing related to some health issues and set up an appointment at the Hearing Spa. You told me about the release of Phonak's latest hearing devices, the Audeo Q90 312T which offered several improvements over my older Phonaks including ComPilot, Wind Guard, Sound Recover, a telecoil and much more. I ordered a pair and within two weeks, I was in my new Audeos, which have opened up a new life for me.Your attention to adjustments to accommodate my many listening needs has been unbelievable. I thank Phonak for their technology and the staff at The Hearing Spa for opening up a new life of hearing for me." Tom N.
"Your staff was very professional and thoroughly explained my hearing loss and the various hearing devices available to solve my specific hearing needs. The service and attention to every detail relative to the programming the hearing device, including a special setting just for the golf course, has been excellent!I strongly recommend The Hearing Spa to anyone looking for hearing loss solutions." Frederic F.
"I am pleased to offer a testimonial for The Hearing Spa and Dr. Victoria L. Moore. I had previously contacted three offices offering hearing aid products and, on one occasion, tried aids for a short period. I never found service and expertise near the quality of The Hearing Spa at the other locations. The testing was the most complete I had experienced; the product explanation extremely thorough; and both without any pressure or salesmanship to push a product, but with assistance in determining what would work best for me. The follow up service has been far more than I expected and includes analysis of my use of the aids and 'fine tuning' of them to ensure the best result. I am very happy with my choice." Sam P.
"For years I have struggled with hearing loss. My family has a long history of hearing deficits, which left me with a feeling of dismay when Dr. Moore told me I would need hearing aids in both ears. I went home and had a good cry. I had memories of my grandmother struggling to hear, while her bulky hearing aid whistled loudly in her ears. She would try continually to silence it. I did not want to have that embarrassment!I thought my 19-year-old son would be embarrassed by his mother's hearing aids. When I asked him if he noticed anything different about me, he looked very closely and told me he couldn't notice a thing. He didn't even know that I was wearing them! My sister, who notices everything, didn't see them either! What a surprise to find that my hearing aids were nearly invisible! The days of big, bulky, noisy hearing aids are past.The ability to hear the world once again is amazing. I can't believe how well I am hearing now! I am rediscovering the world of sound! The quality of my hearing aids and the service I have received from Dr. Moore and her staff is superior. I highly recommend fact, I would only recommend them! Lottie W.
"I wish to express my sincere appreciation to The Hearing Spa of Sarasota for the exceptional experience I have had in purchasing a hearing device. I was given the option of highly rated brands and allowed to "test drive" them before I made a decision. The doctor answered my many questions with professional expertise and patience and has provided ongoing caring support. Walking through the door of the Spa has truly added to the quality of my life." Hope B.
"My husband had been diagnosed with hearing problems in North Carolina, but he was told that he needed molds, which would take 3 weeks. We realized we would be in Sarasota before they were ready, but we priced them anyway. Lucky for us, the audiologist recommended The Hearing Spa. I was able to make an appointment before we left North Carolina. Vicky assured my husband that he did not need the molds. We saved $300 for the identical aids, including the moisture box. It is wonderful to be able to chat in real time instead of 'huh?' and repeat. The first moment after the aids were in place my husband said, 'I think I've needed these since I was about 6.' My thanks goes to The Hearing Spa. We enjoy the follow up appointments and so appreciate the improved communication." Janice K.
"I received a Med El implant, and it has changed my life. I hear things that I have not heard in 40 years. I now talk in a normal voice instead of a loud voice. I can talk on the phone and understand my family when they speak to me. It's a whole new world. God blessed me with hearing again.The Hearing Spa took care of me when I had hearing aids. They are a great company. I highly recommend The Hearing Spa as the best place to go for your hearing needs." Robert F.
"Dr. Victoria Moore made me feel that my hearing loss was as natural as grey hair. She is completely knowledgable and professional. She has taken me through the entire process with efficiency and kindness. No question was too small and I will recommend The Hearing Spa and Dr. Moore to everyone. I can hear better and that is wonderful!" Dennis F.
"After the purchase of 4 hearing aids previously, representing a considerable financial outlay, I finally found the perfect place for me at The Hearing Spa. They have proved to be extremely effective in improving my hearing capacity. They are comfortable; I often forget I'm wearing them. They are comparatively easy to put them in. Not only am I completely satisfied with the product, I am impressed with the professional way I was diagnosed and the continuing excellent advice and service I am receiving. I recommend The Hearing Spa in the most glowing terms." Muriel O.
“When I decided I needed a new hearing aid I was lucky enough to have The Hearing Spa nearby. I’ve also been lucky enough to have excellent service with people I have great confidence in. The 6 month follow up and readily given advice has been splendid!” Faith B.
“The senses are, indeed, the window of the soul, and I am deeply grateful that I have found people who genuinely care about their clients and who will keep the important window of hearing open for me. Hearing Aid Systems, Inc., in the Bayshore Gardens Shopping Center owned by Noel C. Moore, gives me expert professional help. He constantly goes out of his way to give me the extra care I need. Noel is a qualified Hearing Aid Specialist and certified audioprosthologist. Noel’s daughter, Dr. Victoria Moore, FAAA., CCC-A., BC-HIS, Doctor of Audiology has also joined his practice and she is Board Certified in Audiology.Over a decade ago, this remarkable staff fitted me with hearing aids and since then has consistently and competently provided me with caring support. Their honesty is illustrated by the case of an elderly lady I sent to them who wanted to purchase a hearing aid. Finding that her condition did not call for one, they would not sell it to her.Again, thank you, Noel and Victoria. You will never know how very much you have improved my quality of life, as well as the quality of life of many others!” Thomas P.
“The door that holds the batter in my hearing aid fell off. I called the company in DeSoto Square Mall, where I purchased it and was told I could not get an appointment until the following week. A call was made to Hearing Aid Systems, Inc. on 14th Street West and I was told to bring the instrument in. Within five minutes, it was repaired and I happily walked out in this wonderful world of sound. Thank you Mr. Noel Moore.” Lillian C.
"I purchased my hearing devices form The Hearing Spa on July 21st 2010, I have been back twice for re-checks from Dr. Victoria Moore. Dr. Moore is very professional with a great personality and I would recommend her to anyone. Before discussing any types of hearing device she gave me a complete hearing exam. This type of professional business made me feel very comfortable with this type of investment. " William T.
"The Hearing Spa is a reliable company. I was referred by Tampa Bay Hearing and Balance Center to the Hearing Spa for my hearing aids. They made sure the devices were programmed correctly and fitted." William B.
"I LOVE my Widex hearing aids. I not only hear--I speak more clearly. Not only have I stopped saying "What did you say?". Others say they are thrilled not to say to me "What did you say?". Apparently I mumbled and omitted the sounds I didn't hear, but I didn't know it. No one has known I was wearing heairng aids until I told them." Barbara D.
"July 20, 2012 is my 7 month anniversary since I lost my hearing in my right ear due to my gas tank exploding while driving on I-4. I have visited 5 different hearing aid companies plus an ENT Doctor at the VA. I have a dead ear and after trying all these different aids, some being $11,000 at different offices, I found the Hearing Spa and their wonderful Doctors of Audiology. They have changed my life for a fraction of the cost. Now I can hear like I used to before I lost total hearing in my right ear. The CROS system that they ordered for me has no whistling, no screeching nosie when I use the phone, plus no one even knows I'm wearing them. 'I've seen the rest and found the best!!!!!'. Roy D.