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About the Dr. Cliff AuD Provider Network

We are proud to be a Dr. Cliff Approved Provider, providing top quality audiological care to our patients. The providers in the Dr. Cliff AuD Approved Provider Network have committed to following the Dr. Cliff AuD Best Practice Checklists as well as several additional criteria to ensure the best interests of individuals with hearing impairment are being taken into account. 

If you'd like to learn more, visit DrCliffAuD.com

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I am thrilled to be a participating Dr. Cliff AuD Approved Provider. It is a wonderful experience collaborating with other Audiologists that want the best for their patients and acknowledge the importance of Best Practices and Real Ear Measurements. I often help patients that have purchased their hearing devices elsewhere and are not hearing their best since "Real Ear Measurements" were not performed at their visit. Real Ear Measurements help patients get the most out of their hearing aids. The difference in the patients understanding and clarity is unmatched. 

Here at The Hearing Spa, we have always practiced Best Practices. Our top priority is ensuring our patients get the absolute best Hearing Healthcare. 

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