At The Hearing Spa, we strive for each patient to be as comfortable as possible with their hearing devices purchase from how positively they affect their social life to how they will impact their pockets.

We pride ourselves upon our transparency when it comes to pricing of our hearing aids, repairs, and service plans.

Our hearing aids range in price from $1,250 per hearing device to $3,100 per hearing device. For $1,250 per hearing device you will be fitted with a Bluetooth capable, rechargeable hearing aid that works very well for many patients (depending on hearing loss needs).

These hearing aids are from one of the top manufacturers, just like all our devices are. Your hearing aid will come with a three year warranty which includes repairs and a loss & damage claim feature with an option to extend coverage at the end of the warranty. We service the hearing aids for the life of the product, meaning cleanings and follow up care are included for as long as the hearing aids last. We will take care of your hearing aids even after your warranty with the manufacturer has expired.
Your audiologist will complete a diagnostic audiogram in our soundproof booth to locate where your hearing loss needs are for each specific ear. You will then be counseled on the results and if hearing intervention is needed/ what device would be best based on your specific results.

Pricing varies based on your specialized clinical hearing loss needs, concerns and lifestyle preferences.We offer a variety of different payment options and assistance as listed below.

Insurance Coverage

We are in network with many major insurance carriers and can provide a complimentary benefit check to help determine if you have any hearing aid benefits.

This is not a guarantee of payment or benefits, but we will try to get the clearest picture of what your benefits will look like and relay that to you. We also encourage our patients to call their own insurance.

Wells Fargo Health Advantage® program

Wells Fargo Health Advantage credit card brings you exclusive benefits:

  • Pay for your hearing devices over the course of 12 months, interest free
  • Open line of credit for all your healthcare needs
  • Special terms promotions available, ask your healthcare provider for details
  • Easy to use online account management and billing payment options*

*The Wells Fargo Health Advantage® credit card is issued with approved credit by Wells Fargo Financial National Bank.

CareCredit® for Hearing Health

Care credit is the leading healthcare credit card, to make improving your hearing health easier and more affordable.

You can get the hearing device you need and conveniently pay for it over time with monthly payments that easily fit into your budgetCareCredit offers special financing on purchase of $200 or more* for healthcare costs not commonly covered by insurance, including hearing aids.

Learn more by visiting or contacting our office.

Payment Assistance

We participate with programs that can assist patients in paying for their hearing devices. We can refer you to these programs.

They are based on income and if you are currently working/ looking for a job. These programs are for patients that need hearing aids to perform their jobs.

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