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Signia IX

Signia IX delivers clear conversations, hassle-free charging, natural voice processing, and tailored models for every lifestyle.
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Signia IX Hearing Aids at The Hearing Spa

At The Hearing Spa in Sarasota, FL, we're excited to showcase the Signia IX series. This includes the Pure Charge&Go IX and Silk Charge&Go IX models, both designed to improve how you hear the world around you. Whether it's a busy café or a quiet room, these hearing aids are built to make every conversation clear.

What Makes Signia IX Special?

  • Clarity in Conversations: Enjoy crisp, clear conversations, even in noisy places, thanks to advanced technology that hones in on speech.
  • Hassle-Free Charging: Say goodbye to battery worries with rechargeable options that keep you connected all day long.
  • Hear Your Own Voice Naturally: With the latest Own Voice Processing technology, your voice sounds as natural to you as it does to everyone else.
  • Easy Adjustments: Use the Signia App to tweak settings or stream audio directly from your phone, whether you use Android or iOS.

Models Tailored to Your Needs

  • Pure Charge&Go IX: Perfect for active individuals, this model connects seamlessly to your devices and keeps up with your busiest days.
  • Silk Charge&Go IX: If you prefer something that no one can see, this completely-in-canal model offers powerful technology packed into a tiny, nearly invisible package.

Come See Us in Sarasota

Visit The Hearing Spa to try out the Signia IX series for yourself. Our team of expert audiologists uses Real Ear Measurements to ensure your hearing aids fit perfectly to your ears. We're here to help you not just hear, but hear clearly and accurately.

Interested? Give The Hearing Spa a call today and schedule a time to find out more about how these hearing aids can change the way you interact with the world around you.

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