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Oticon Intent

The Oticon Intent introduces groundbreaking 4D user-intent sensors and advanced sound processing features, offering a sophisticated and adaptable hearing solution tailored for enhanced listening experiences.
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The Oticon Intent introduces a significant advancement in hearing aid technology, incorporating the world's first user-intent sensors. This innovative feature, powered by the Sirius platform, utilizes groundbreaking 4D sensor technology to understand and adapt to the wearer's listening intentions in real-time. Designed to deliver a more natural and enhanced listening experience, the Oticon Intent is tailored for those seeking a sophisticated and adaptable hearing solution.

Main Features of Oticon Intent

- 4D User-Intent Sensors: For the first time, hearing aids can understand the user's listening intention by combining data from conversation activity, head movement, body movement, and the acoustic environment to adapt sound processing dynamically.

- MoreSound Intelligence 3.0: Provides a high clarity and balanced sound environment by seamlessly tailoring sound processing to the wearer's specific listening needs.

- Deep Neural Network 2.0 (DNN 2.0): Offers advanced sound preservation, better noise suppression, and improved clarity by utilizing a wider range of real-world sound samples for its training.

- MoreSound Amplifier 3.0: Enhances the processing of sound with a personalized fine-tuning of gain across 24 frequency channels.

- Spatial Sound: Offers a rich representation of the environment by extending the bandwidth and ensuring precise sound processing.

- Tinnitus SoundSupport: Provides relief for users experiencing tinnitus by offering a variety of sound therapy options.

Wearing Style & Connectivity

The Oticon Intent comes in a miniRITE style, the smallest rechargeable model offered by Oticon to date. It supports Bluetooth LE Audio for modern connectivity and is compatible with a variety of devices. The device is future-ready, allowing for wireless updates to incorporate the latest improvements.

Why patients choose Oticon Intent

- World’s first 4D user-intent sensor technology

- Powered by Sirius platform with high processing capacity

- Second-generation Deep Neural Network (DNN 2.0)

- MoreSound Intelligence 3.0 for individualized sound processing

- Future-proof with Bluetooth LE Audio connectivity

- Self-calibrating miniFit Detect speaker units for precise gain

- Enhanced bandwidth from 80 Hz to 10000 Hz for full sound scene

- Spatial Sound for rich environmental representation

- Tinnitus SoundSupport for sound therapy options

- Compatible with MoreSound Amplifier 3.0 for fine-tuning of gain

Professional fittings of Oticon Intent in Sarasota

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