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Resound Nexia

ReSound Nexia revolutionizes hearing technology with advanced wireless capabilities, including directional systems like 360 All-Around and FrontFocus, ensuring superior sound clarity in noisy environments, while its compact Micro RIE offers full functionality without compromise.
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ReSound Nexia Hearing Aids

ReSound Nexia introduces a new era in hearing technology, enhancing your hearing experience with advanced wireless capabilities. Launched in 2023, Nexia builds on the acclaimed features of the OMNIA line, adding innovations that cater to varying degrees of hearing loss. Its array of models, including the compact Micro RIE, delivers full functionality in a smaller form, ensuring no compromise on features.

Key Features of ReSound Nexia

ReSound Nexia excels in noisy environments with its advanced sound processing and directional systems like 360 All-Around and FrontFocus, which improve hearing clarity. It includes a third microphone positioned near the ear canal to enhance sound quality further. Nexia is compatible with both Apple and Android devices, allowing for seamless audio streaming and hands-free calls. The Smart 3D app provides effortless control, making it easier to manage your hearing preferences.

Model Options and Performance

Nexia offers four Receiver-in-Ear (RIE) models: Nexia Micro RIE, Nexia Micro RIE CROS, Nexia RIE 312, and Nexia RIE 13, each tailored to different user needs and preferences regarding size, battery type, and features like telecoil options. These models support various technology levels, with Level 9 providing the highest quality of noise reduction and sound enhancement.

Notable Features

  • Bluetooth LE 5.2 and Auracast for cutting-edge connectivity
  • Enhanced sound clarity with M&RIE receiver technology
  • Comprehensive device control through the highly-rated Smart 3D app
  • Convenient tap controls for easy phone answering
  • CROS/BiCROS systems available for those with unilateral hearing loss
  • Wide range of accessories tailored to individual needs
  • IP68 rated for excellent moisture and debris resistance

Fittings & Programming of ReSound Nexia in Sarasota, FL

Experience the latest in hearing aid technology with ReSound Nexia, designed to enhance your hearing without compromising on style or functionality. Visit us at The Hearing Spa in Sarasota, FL, to find out how Nexia can transform your listening experience. Schedule an appointment today to explore the personalized options available and how they can improve your quality of life.

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