Hearing Aid Repair and Maintenance

Modern hearing aids use solid-state digital technology. But they still have a small number of moving parts. Over time, it’s not uncommon for hearing aids to need repairs. It’s important to follow the hearing care professional’s instructions for hearing aid care and maintenance. But even with proper care and maintenance, accidents can happen.

A battery door can come off its hinge or maybe you turn your hearing aids on and hear no sound. Don’t panic! Just bring your hearing aids into The Hearing Spa. Our hearing professionals will look at the device and determine the cause of the problem.

We service all major brands of hearing aids in our office. Even if you didn’t buy your hearing aids from us, we may be able to handle your warranty repairs. So, give us a call or stop by our Sarasota or Bradenton location and let us determine what kind of a repair is necessary when your hearing aids are not working properly.

Troubleshooting hearing aid problems at home

You may be able to handle small problems with your hearing aids at home using these troubleshooting tips:

Hearing aid won’t turn on: First, make sure the hearing aid is in the “on” position. Sometimes you may think you’ve turned it on, but you have not. Second, make sure the device is on the right setting. Third, ensure the battery door is firmly closed. Finally, insert fresh batteries.

Hearing aid whistles: If your hearing aid is sitting properly in your ear, you should not experience feedback. Check your ears and the hearing aid for earwax that prevents the device from fitting properly in your ear. If wax build-up is severe, let The Hearing Spa clean your ears and your hearing aid. Just give us a call.

Sound is muffled or unclear: Once again, wax may be the problem. Replace wax guards and make sure your hearing aid and tubing are clear of wax. Then check to see the device is on the right setting. Install fresh batteries. If this does not resolve the problem the hearing professionals at The Hearing Spa may need to adjust your hearing aids.