July 25, 2022

New FL Driver's License May Help People With Hearing Loss

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New FL Driver's License May Help People With Hearing Loss

New FL Driver's License May Help People With Hearing Loss

New Features On The Driver’s License

If you’re a driver in the state of Florida, heads up! When your current driver’s license expires, you will be issued a new license with a brand-new design. For all non-drivers, the same goes for ID cards. In an effort to crack down on the production of fake driver’s licenses, the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles have introduced a new design with extra security features.

Across the state, law enforcement officials have come together to redesign the state license, which will come in several different colors. Commercial drivers will have a blue label, regular drivers will have a green label, learners will have an orange label (with “Under 21” highlighted in red), and non-driver identification cards will have a red label. This color-coding system makes it easier for law enforcement officials to determine what sort of license it is.

As a security feature, the license or ID card will include ultraviolet ink and features that are only visible under a UV light. According to Mike Fasano, a Pasco County Tax Collector, “The person’s picture will be on it in four different locations,” and “the licenses will be tough to replicate.” Additionally, the state opted to include other designations on the license: lifetime boating and hunting licenses, freshwater and saltwater fishing licenses; military veteran status; organ donor status; and medical-related items such as insulin dependency and hearing loss.

With more awareness being raised around hearing loss and driving, this inclusion is an important step for drivers and law enforcement officials alike. As Fasano notes, “A driver who is pulled over because they didn’t hear an emergency vehicle’s sirens could prove they’re hearing impaired.”

You will not need to replace your current driver’s license or ID card; they will remain valid until they expire, at which point they will be replaced with the new design. The state's new driver’s license will be available in certain counties in August and will be available across the state and online by December.

Safety Tips For Driving With Hearing Loss

Did you know that your sense of hearing is faster than your sense of sight? This means you’ll probably hear the siren of an emergency vehicle or the blare of a car horn before you would see them.

Identifying and seeking treatment for your hearing loss is one of the most important things you can do to ensure safety when you are driving. Along with the sense of vision, hearing provides crucial information as you drive. As we get older, our sense of hearing may naturally deteriorate, which is why it is important to pay attention to how we receive sounds. If you’ve noticed changes in your hearing, contact us at Hearing Spa to schedule a hearing test.

If you experience hearing loss and are treating it with hearing aids, it is important to maintain a quiet and calm environment in your vehicle while you are driving. If you have passengers, ask them to speak quietly so that you can easily hear the sounds of the road. Keep your radio or music at a low volume if you must listen.

In addition to your hearing, make sure that your vision is clear. Get an annual eye exam and make sure that your prescriptions are up to date. If your eyes are sensitive to light, make sure that you have a reliable pair of sunglasses in the vehicle. When driving at night, it is safer to stay on well-lit roads, as low light brings low visibility.

Get Your Hearing Tested Annually

If you are over the age of 50, it is important to schedule an annual hearing test. Though hearing loss is found predominantly in people age 65 or older, it may affect anyone at any age. An annual hearing test provides you with important information about your hearing abilities and provides a baseline that may indicate if your hearing has changed.

If a hearing loss is found, our team of specialists will work with you to determine the best hearing solution to meet your needs. The most common treatment for hearing loss is the prescription of hearing aids. If you currently experience hearing loss, it is also important to schedule an annual hearing test, as our hearing abilities may change over time. Staying up to date with your hearing aid prescription is just as important to your safety.

For more information on hearing tests and your hearing health, contact us at Hearing Spa today.

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