July 25, 2022

Improve Family Communication By Treating Hearing Loss

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Improve Family Communication By Treating Hearing Loss

Father’s Day is just days away! What are your plans to honor your dad, step dad, or other father figures in your life? Maybe you bought him a round of golf, tickets to a ball game, or a new shirt. While these are great gifts, the best gift you could give him is the gift of hearing. Over the past few months you’ve realized his hearing has deteriorated rapidly, and it’s been taking a toll on the entire family. He’ll love your present, but there’s another gift he’ll love even more: improved family communication!

Recognizing Hearing Loss

If your dad has hearing loss, you know that communication has become a challenge, especially in a family setting. When it’s just the two of you, your dad seems to hear well enough to get by. But as soon as you’re around the dinner table and all the kids start telling stories about their day, you can tell your dad gets a bit lost, and tends to sit quietly while the rest of you laugh at your daughter’s joke.

If you’ve noticed that communication has become a challenge, start watching for other signs of hearing loss, and be sure to remember some specific examples to share with your dad. Does he turn up the volume of the TV, or sit way too close? Does he always favor one ear, or sometimes talk about his bad ear? Maybe he doesn’t always hear the ringing of the phone or complains that he can’t hear the alarm clock anymore.

Talking About Hearing Loss

If your dad is struggling to hear, remind him that hearing loss is very common, and affects the lives of nearly 40 million Americans of all ages. Men are more likely to have hearing loss than women, meaning your dad is even more at risk of hearing loss! When you start the conversation with your dad about hearing loss, take the time to tell him you appreciate him and the positive influence he’s had in your life. Isn’t that what Father’s Day is all about?

Does your father think his hearing loss isn’t that bad, or that he can live with it? Gently remind him that he’s not the only one who is suffering because of his hearing loss. The entire family is struggling with his hearing loss and are affected by the breakdown in communication. Everyone misses your dad’s jokes, advice, and conversation skills. He’s been missing for far too long, and everyone in the family wants to get back to communicating.

Booking A Hearing Test

Once your dad is willing to get his hearing checked, call us at Hearing Spa of Florida to book a hearing test. Offer to come with your dad and hear what our Doctor of Audiology has to say. Together you can find out more about your dad’s hearing loss, and marvel at all the hearing aid options.

Modern hearing aids are sophisticated minicomputers that fit inside slender, nearly invisible casings that can sit behind the ear or even deep within the ear canal. Most of our devices have great connectivity features, allowing your dad to connect to the technology he uses the most. With advanced programs and features that focus on making speech easy to understand, reducing background noise, and helping your dad hear everything around him for the best in natural sound, you’ll both be amazed at how this small device can make a world of difference.

Give The Gift Of Hearing

We know your dad will love the gift you bought him, but this Father’s Day give him something even more special. Show your dad you care by talking to him about his hearing loss and encouraging him to seek treatment. Remind him of all the sounds he’s missing, how much he struggles in conversations, and how you want him to continue to be actively involved in your family for years to come. Treating hearing loss will change the way you communicate, and improving family communication will lead to increased happiness, greater activity levels, better overall health, and improved quality of life. But don’t just take our word for it. This year celebrate Father’s Day by visiting us to find out what a hearing aid can do for your dad and for your family.


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