July 25, 2022

Hearing Aid Innovations

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Hearing Aid Innovations

This is the summer of streaming. More and more hearing manufacturers are offering Bluetooth enabled hearing devices. Stream from your phone, your TV, ear to ear, your iPod, your MP3 player and your iPad. Is the newest technology in hearing devices right for you? Consult one of the professionals at the Hearing Spa and find out!

Power Packed In A Tiny Space

Hearing aids have more power, more sound sifting capacity, better speech recognition – and they smaller then they have ever been – smaller than earbuds or ear plugs! And these tiny devices stream music, movies, television, too. They can be custom fitted into your ear canal, or, there are also models available with some flexibility, so they fit in most ear canal shapes.

With the newest enhanced technology, they actually can “think” and distinguish conversation from background noise far better than before. The modern hearing devices have binaural performance which means you “hear” the sound from both the left ear and the right ear at the same time even if you have greater loss in one ear than the other.

Behind The Ear


New technology for behind-the-ear models means a slimmer practically invisible tube. The tiny clear tube is made of material that practically disappears against the skin. The newest receiver-in-the-canal models are lighter, smaller so they are more discreet, and the amplifier sits closer to the eardrum for better, clearer sound.

If you chose not to go invisible, the modern designs have won awards for their innovative shapes and colors. You can go designer color or match your skin tone or hair color. Even though they are lightweight, they still pack a big performance and can correct hearing loss that was difficult to treat before.

The newer models mimic the look of Bluetooth devices or high-tech communication devices that many large stores are using for their employees. IPhone accessories are so high tech and designer-color oriented these days – its hard to tell who is making a phone call or wearing a hearing aid!

More Resistant

The new advanced coating on hearing aids makes them more resistant to moisture, sweat, dirt and dust. Some can even be submerged for brief periods of time. This means you can enjoy your indoor experience, but also your outdoor experiences more.  New construction materials mean a tighter seal for the battery door if you choose a model that operates on batteries. The batteries hold a charge longer and the hearing device itself is better constructed to make changing batteries easier.

Get Charging!

But you don’t have to change batteries anymore. Automatic charging has been around for a while, but now chargers are more portable – and they carry their own charge, so you can travel and not worry about being somewhere to plug in the charger.

New Environmental Adjustments

Technological advancements means your hearing aid can recognize the difference between the environment and a conversation. It also knows to reduce ambient noise, so you can hear a speaker or theatrical production! Old behind-the-ear models had feedback issues from wind and air currents. Innovative technology has virtually eliminated those problems. Embrace your outdoor experiences with the new technological advancements. Sudden noises like doors slamming, fireworks, gunshots, an engine backfire are “recognized” by new hearing aid technology and the sound is immediately reduced to a more static level.


There’s An App For That

There’s not a lot of tapping on your phone anymore to adjust your hearing aid – new technological makes that a lot easier. And, there’s the GPS feature that remembers where you’ve been and if you had to adjust your hearing aid and when you return to that location, it automatically adjusts it – and there’s a lot more room for that data.

Your hearing aid can now be adjusted remotely if you call the manufacturer’s helpline with an issue. A tiny part of the tiny microchip in your hearing aids means if you set them down somewhere – you can use the “find my hearing aid app.”

To recap – better sound processing, smaller, better construction, award winning designs, apps, streaming – and if you need additional help Hearing Spa Audiologists can help you with hearing device adjustments. You shouldn’t be waiting any longer if you think you are experiencing hearing loss. Call for an appointment for an evaluation and embrace the recent technology of better hearing.

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Dr. Victoria L. Moore
Lead Audiologist
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Dr. Victoria Moore (Vicky) serves as President as well as Lead Audiologist at The Hearing Spa. She moved to the USA from England in 1991 and has been serving the communities of Sarasota and Bradenton for over 20 years. Her independent audiology practice focuses on adult hearing loss, tinnitus management, as well as Cochlear Implant services.


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