July 25, 2022

Can A Hearing Aid Restore Hearing Completely?

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Can A Hearing Aid Restore Hearing Completely?

Hearing aids are one of the most popular forms of treatment for hearing loss. Many people find that hearing aids drastically improve their quality of hearing and quality of life.

But just how effective are hearing aids? Can they restore hearing completely? In most cases, no. Hearing aids are like glasses – they are not a cure but simply a method of correction. This post explains more about how hearing aids work and why they are still a good form of treatment.

How Do Hearing Aids Work?

Hearing aids work using a simple three-step mechanism. A microphone on the outside of the hearing aid picks up sounds. These are transmitted through a digital amplifier, which makes the sound louder and clearer. The sound then comes out of a speaker directed towards the user’s ear.

This is the basic function of all hearing aids. Most modern hearing aids have more elaborate features such as controls that reduce background noise and detectors that are able to mute very loud sudden sounds. Some hearing aids can even help to combat tinnitus by playing sounds at a certain frequency.
Most hearing aids run on replaceable batteries. Different types of batteries are available for different types of hearing aid.

Why Can’t A Hearing Aid Restore My Hearing Completely?

Hearing aids can improve hearing a lot, but they are unable to replicate ‘normal’ hearing completely. This all comes down to how our brain processes sound. In a crowded room, a person with healthy hearing can quickly tune in to different conversations. Some advanced hearing aids can help to tune into different sounds, but they cannot do it as accurately as our ears. Some sounds will always come out a little distorted when received through a hearing aid, such as wind.

In other words, don’t expect your hearing to be completely cured. Hearing aids can improve hearing, but they have their limitations. Think of them the same way as glasses – glasses can get fogged up or experience glare, but ultimately, they may help many people see much more clearly.

Getting Used To Your Hearing Aid

Hearing aids can take time to adjust to. At first, they may feel uncomfortable – especially if you’ve never worn earbuds or earplugs before. You may have to get used to the controls and how hearing aids pick up sounds. However, once your ears have adjusted to these devices, you’re likely to notice a big improvement in your everyday hearing.

It’s important to persevere with a hearing aid. If after several weeks you feel that your hearing has not improved enough, you should book an appointment with your audiologist – it’s possible that your prescription may need to be adjusted.

Hearing aids and hearing aid batteries need to be well maintained to operate at their best. Many problems with hearing aids are caused by them getting damaged by moisture or earwax. If you regularly clean your hearing aid and keep it dry, you’ll get better hearing quality for longer.

Why You Should Get A Hearing Aid

Hearing aids are often the best form of treatment for people with hearing loss. While a hearing aid may not give you perfect hearing, it is likely to make a significant difference. Nowadays, there are so many different styles of hearing aids to choose from – some of which are quite discreet and others that are more budget-friendly. Most modern hearing aids are designed to be very comfortable. After some time of wearing them, you won’t even notice them.

Getting a hearing aid prescription is easy. With the help of an audiologist, you can carry out a hearing test, which will determine the extent of your hearing. This test simply involves listening to sounds on headphones and telling your audiologist whenever you hear a sound. From here, an audiologist will be able to select the best hearing aid prescription for you. You will receive a thorough explanation as to how to use your hearing aid, and they’ll likely run through the different hearing aid options available to you.  

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