September 14, 2022

5 Reasons to Choose Us as Your Audiologist

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5 Reasons to Choose Us as Your Audiologist

Choosing the right Audiologist for you is the primary factor in determining the course of your hearing care experience. For those looking for a new hearing professional, we've put together a list of the Top 5 reasons why you should The Hearing Spa in Sarasota and Bradenton for your hearing healthcare needs.

We have Doctors of Audiology

You shouldn’t trust your hearing care to just anyone. Our staff is led by Dr. Victoria L. Moore and Dr. Deirdre Hamaker, two local Audiologists that have been helping local residents hear their very best for many years. Many consumers aren’t aware, but there are different types of professionals that can treat hearing loss[] — Audiologists have an advanced degree and are experts in all aspects of hearing healthcare, including diagnostic audiological testing and the fitting of hearing devices.

We follow Best Practices

Only about 20% of providers follow audiology best practices in hearing aid fittings. At The Hearing Spa, we follow evidence-based protocols to improve patient outcomes. This includes the use of Real Ear Measurements, which are in-ear measurements used to verify the correct hearing prescription is provided at all frequencies. It does this by measuring the sound at your eardrum and factoring in your unique hearing profile, your ear shape and your ear canal resonance. While these protocols may take more time, they lead to better hearing and communication.

The adherence to these best practices is one reason why we are proud to be in Dr. Cliff’s HearingUp Network. Dr. Cliff Olson is a popular Audiologist that discusses the importance of Best Practices and he has verified that we implement these high standards in our patient care.

We have great reviews

When researching a local Audiologist near you, it’s important to look at online reviews and get a sense for overall patient satisfaction. We have a number of patient reviews you can see on many of the popular platforms. Here is just a sample of some of the reviews.

Dr. Moore is terrific! Her expertise and personal attentiveness is my five star rating. Appointments were timely and detailed step by step explanations were plainly explained. Most important, she sincerely cared about restoring my hearing loss.

The entire staff at the Hearing Spa was always friendly and able to answer my questions both before and after purchasing my new hearing aids. I would definitely return to the Hearing Spa next time I need to purchase hearing aids.

Upon being diagnostic with hearing loss, I searched to find a reputable and honest place. The doctors and employees at Hearing Spa exceeded the expectations during the process there.

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We carry multiple brands of hearing aids

Many hearing aid centers will offer only one type or brand of hearing aid. At The Hearing Spa, we offer most major brands and models of hearing aids — so we can select the hearing aid that is right for you! Currently, we offer hearing devices from Oticon, Phonak, Lyric, Signia, Resound and Widex. Learn more about our hearing aids.

We are more than just hearing aids!

We take pride in treating people with all types of hearing and ear issues. While we offer hearing aids and hearing aid fittings, our Audiologists can also treat other ailments. Here are some of the services we offer.

  • Hearing Tests
  • Hearing Aid Fittings
  • Cochlear Implant Mapping
  • BAHA programming
  • Tinnitus Treatment
  • Earwax Cleaning
  • Hearing Aid Repairs

These services are offered in both Bradenton and Sarasota. You can learn more about our current services here.

The Hearing Spa is proud to offer cutting edge services and technology to our patients. If you are looking for a local Audiologist to help you hear your best, please consider us and contact us today. We look forward to helping you hear your very best! .


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