Hearing Aid Batteries

While there have been significant changes in hearing aid technology, the power behind the technology hasn’t changed very much. Today, hearing aids are still powered by small batteries. They may be disposable batteries, or they may be rechargeable batteries, but batteries are still the source of power for hearing aids. The Hearing Spa carries a complete line of disposable batteries, and when it’s time to replace your rechargeable battery, we can help there too.

Disposable hearing aid batteries

Disposable hearing aid batteries create an electrical charge with zinc-air technology. The battery contains zinc ions that, when exposed to oxygen, create a chemical reaction that generates electricity. Most disposable batteries last about seven to 10 days. The battery life is affected by the number of functions and features you use, how long you wear your devices each day and the size of the battery. The larger the battery, the more zinc ions it can hold and the longer it lasts. Most modern devices emit a chirping sound when the battery level is low. If you use a smartphone app with your hearing aids, you will get an alert on your phone when the level is low. Always keep spare hearing aid batteries on hand.

Buying disposable hearing aid batteries

Hearing aid batteries are identified by a number and color. No matter the brand of hearing aid, it will use one of these standard sizes. Just remember a color or number, and you’ll always know what size battery to buy. The Hearing Spa carries all hearing aid battery sizes, including:

  • Orange (#13): In-the-ear (ITE) and behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids generally use orange batteries. The average life is about 240 hours. 
  • Yellow (#10): In-the-canal (ITC) hearing aids generally use the yellow battery. These batteries provide up to 80 hours of use.
  • Blue (#675): The blue battery is the largest battery, and it is used in the largest hearing aids, like full-shell ITE. This battery lasts the longest and provides about 300 hours of use.
  • Brown (#312): The smallest hearing aids are worn deep in the ear canal and use the smallest battery. The brown battery lasts about 175 hours.

Rechargeable hearing aid batteries

If you live an active lifestyle, travel frequently or have vision or dexterity issues, then hearing aids powered by rechargeable batteries may be the best option for you. You won’t need to worry about keeping a supply of fresh batteries with you and won’t fumble, squint or become frustrated when faced with tiny, button-sized batteries and small battery doors.

Most rechargeable batteries use lithium-ion technology and may need recharging every few days or daily, depending on the battery. These batteries recharge much like the battery in your smartphone. Hearing aids with rechargeable batteries come with a docking/charging station.

During your hearing evaluation, the hearing care professional will discuss your needs and match you with the right hearing aid and the right style battery. During your fitting appointment, The Hearing Spa will cover hearing aid battery replacement or charging.